Team Resuscitation Simulation Training

Since 2008, Team Resource Management (TRM) has been a prime objective in training throughout Chi Mei Hospital. Several members of our emergency department underwent such training and applied these skills to design a set of training simulations based on 2015 AHA guidelines for CPR. Trainees include nurses and doctors of all levels of clinical experience and thus simulations of varying difficulty have been created, all with the fundamental goal of promoting better teamwork, and ultimately improving patient care safety and efficiency.

The TRM training sessions have become a regular training course for our ED staff, with nurses participating at least once and resident physicians 3-5 times annually. These simulations are led by a group of senior instructors experienced in TRM. At the end of each sim session, one instructor debriefs and provides feedback regarding the trainee team’s interactions and responses. Members are encouraged to reflect and reassess their actions during the simulation with the goal for better teamwork and clinical decision making.