Training PGY Physicians

Treating PGY physicians like our own ER members
PGY physicians are trained as if they are part of our ER team.  A designated emergency physician who has received PGY teaching training is assigned to each PGY physician throughout his/her rotation in the ER. The attending physician guides and assists the PGY physician throughout his/her entire clinical experience while allowing the PGY to act as the patient’s doctor-in-charge, making decisions regarding the patient’s treatment plan and disposition. Together with a hands-on approach and immediate professional feedback, our PGY physicians receive a complete and genuine emergency learning experience.

Opportunities for Invasive Procedures
Besides basic clinical skills and experiences, invasive medical procedures are also an important part of emergency medicine training. In line with board exam requirements, lectures, practice manikins and simulation trainers are utilized for PGY physicians to familiarize themselves with invasive procedures including endotracheal and laryngeal mask intubation, central venous catheter insertion, chest tube insertion, sutures, etc. Moreover, for the well-prepared and assertive physicians, opportunities to work on real patients may be available.

After work
During work, every PGY physician has a charge attending during clinical hours who guides his/her work.  After work, there is also a designated senior physician who acts as each PGY physician’s general counselor, providing guidance in matters both work and/or life related.