Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Patient Transfer Plan

Since 2013, the ministry of health and welfare has established a plan to improve emergency department patient transfer. A countrywide standardized system linked between hospitals may help ensure a safe, appropriate, timely and coordinated transfer of emergency department patients between hospitals, decrease repeated ER visits, and encourage the public to choose appropriate hospital levels according to illness severity. An electronic emergency department patient transfer and patient information management platform has been set up to allow hospitals to brief transferring patients’ conditions, test results, and treatments performed, while also allowing the receiving hospital to respond to the transferring hospital’s request.

Network Hospitals

Base Hospital:Chi Mei Hospital, Yongkang Branch

Network Hospitals:
Chi Mei Hospital Liouying Branch
Chi Mei Hospital Chiali Branch
Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Tainan Branch
Sinying Hospital
Sin-Lau Presbyterian Hospital Madou Branch

Non-network Hospitals

The process of transfer to non-network hospitals works similarly to network hospitals.  Please call the hospital emergency department transfer line for more information.


Emergency Department Transfer Lines

Chi Mei ER :06-2816789

Chi Mei ER Liouying:06-6225003

Chi Mei ER Chiali:06-7263333# 37160、37161

※Please directly call the above emergency department transfer lines and state your transfer requests and medical status, and our staff will help answer transfer related questions and needs.

Transfer Process

  1. The transferring hospital contacts the accepting hospital to debrief the patient’s condition. An emergency transfer note is issued, and relevant patient charts and examination results are supplied.
  2. The transferring case is to provide the emergency transfer note and related papers and information to the accepting hospital, particularly the primary care emergency physician, as reference for a better understanding of the patient’s condition and aid in the process of medical care.
  3. A transfer center will periodically send a transfer acceptance note to the initial transferring hospital for the initial primary care physician to follow-up on the transferred patient’s condition.