Information for Patients and Family

To create a safe and restful environment for patients, visitors, and staff, regulations have been established:

1. General Guidelines:

  • Patients must wear identification bands at all times.
  • Visitors should practice good hygiene and use hand sanitizer regularly. People with colds, sore throats or any contagious diseases must wear masks and minimize visiting times in the hospital.
  • To protect patient rights and confidentiality, all family or friends who wish to be informed of patient condition must speak with the doctor in person. No patient status may be disclosed over the phone.
  • Under circumstances where no family or authorized person is available but patient is in an emergency situation, immediate treatments will be performed to save the patient’s life.
  • Medications should be taken as instructed to prevent adverse events.
  • Specific instructions must be followed for quarantined patients.
  • Health care insurance card should be easily accessible throughout entire patient admission or observation stay.
  • Please notify staff of any medical restrictions due to cultural, religious, or dietary beliefs.
  • As regulated by the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare, use of any audio or video recording devices during examinations or treatments must receive prior consent from the performing medical staff.

2. Facility and safety concerns:

  • When using the patient beds, please keep the bed in the lowest position with the wheels locked. Do not change the bed location unless instructed by staff. Monitor the patient frequently if bed rails are not in use, otherwise both side rails should be up at all times. After raising / lowering the head or foot of the bed, conceal hand cranks by folding them down to prevent injuries.
  • Showers are available in the first floor public bathroom.  Blow dryers may be borrowed from the nursing station.
  • When using the shower, please turn on the water from cold then adjust to hot to prevent scalding.
  • Every patient bed is paired with one visitor chair.  Personal items may be placed on the bedside cabinet or under the bed.  Please take care of your own valuables.
  • Each patient bed is provided with one blanket.  If bed sheets need to be changed, please inform our staff.

3. Regarding the hospital environment:

  • Electric sockets in the emergency room are not for leisure or public use.
  • Please throw trash and recyclable waste in the correct bins.
  • Wet floors may result in falling injuries.  Please keep the floors dry and clean.  Notify staff if wet floors are found.
  • To prevent overcrowding and to allow patients quiet rest, only one person may accompany each patient for extended periods of time in the observation bay.
  • In the event of a hospital emergency disaster, please stay calm and evacuate as directed.
  • All forms of solicitation and distribution are prohibited.
  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere within the hospital grounds.