The Emergency Medicine Residency Milestone Project

The Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine has been promoting the Emergency Medicine Milestone Project since 2014. The EM Milestones are a matrix of the knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes, and experiences that should be acquired during specialty training in Emergency Medicine. They are descriptors and targets for resident performance as a resident moves from entry through graduation. This design and implementation process is ongoing. It will involve assessing a resident’s current performance level in relation to the designed milestones using evidence from multiple sources, such as direct observation, multi-source feedback, written tests, and record reviews. Milestones are arranged into 5 levels. These levels do not correspond with post-graduate year of education.

A general interpretation of levels for emergency medicine is below:
Level 1: The resident demonstrates milestones expected of an incoming resident.
Level 2: The resident is advancing and demonstrates additional milestones, but is not yet performing at a mid-residency level.
Level 3: The resident demonstrates the majority of milestones targeted for residency in this sub-competency.
Level 4: The resident has advanced so that he or she now substantially demonstrates the milestones targeted for residency. This level is designed as the graduation target.
Level 5: The resident has advanced beyond performance targets set for residency and seem to perform as someone who has been in practice for several years. It is expected that only a few exceptional residents will reach this level.

Level 4 is designed as the graduation target and does not represent a graduation requirement.

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