Training Intern Physicians

Over the years, our Emergency Department has developed an acclaimed reputation for providing an excellent learning experience. Having been inspired and challenged during their internship in our department, many have chosen emergency medicine to be their specialty and have even applied for residency at our ER.

Under resident physician supervision, intern physicians are encouraged to examine and treat patients first hand.  Afterwards, they discuss their thinking process with their supervising physician, putting together a tentative diagnosis and an appropriate diagnostic and treatment plan.  Attending physicians are also always available for further consultation.

We value teamwork and cooperation among our medical professionals. Members brief each other before work, may call for huddle any time during work, and debrief after work. Intern physicians not only gain clinical experience, they also learn how to work with and understand the importance of every member of the medical team.

Our website provides a myriad of valuable resources. Anytime during or after the shift, interns may find answers to their questions or watch procedural videos on our ER computers. The “Intern Day” held once every month also allows interns to practice invasive procedures on manikins. When available and suitable, interns may also get the chance to perform invasive procedures on real patients.

At the end of the rotation, intern physicians are graded with written exams and general clinical performance. Feedback from our intern physicians are also collected to further improve our clinical teaching experience.