Chi Mei Medical Center emergency department is one of the most important emergency medicine specialist training hospital in southern Taiwan, with around twenty-five resident doctors training in our ER every year. Chi Mei-trained emergency physicians are well-acclaimed in the industry and are frequently sought after upon board certification. We strive to become the best emergency resident training center in Taiwan and further contribute to the development of emergency medicine. Furthermore, medical students from over ten medical institutions around Taiwan intern at our ER to learn first hand how to stabilize and treat critical patients and while allaying the worries of patient families in emergency situations.

As critical care is one of the hospital’s major initiatives, Chi Mei Medical Center’s emergency department has become the largest acute care facility in southern Taiwan, with nearly 12,000 patient visits monthly, second highest in all of Taiwan. In addition, a large influx of patients arrive via transfer from other major hospitals due to our reputation in critical care medicine. This dedication to critical medicine provides our community with the best in acute care.