朱逢源 主任 Feng-Yuan Chu M.D.
Director of Emergency Medicine, Chi Mei Chiali
Career History

Director of Emergency Medical System Unit, Chi Mei Medical Center
Emergency Physician, Chi Mei Medical Center
Resident, Chi Mei Medical Center

Academic Education

College of Medicine, National Cheng Kung University


Emergency Medicine
AHA ACLS & BLS Instructor
ETTC Instructor
Medical director of Emergency Medical Services of Fire Bureau of Tainan City government

Paper Published
Research Paper
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  6. Chu FY, Wu KC, Lin HJ : Craniofacial high-pressure air injection injury. Ann Emerg Med. 2007 Jan;49(1):113-5
Conference Papers
  1. He H, Pan ST, Chu FY : Initial presentation with an afebrile flank pain in a diabetic patient with MSSA infection. 2018 Winter Conference on Emergency Medicine,Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine 2018.12.08
  2. Chu FY : Human Resource Management-Resilience of Female Emergency Physicians in the Workplace-Viewpoint from Director of ED in Regional and District Hospital. 2017 Annual Conference of Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine 2017.06.23-24
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