Training Clerk Physicians

With our acclaimed reputation for providing an excellent learning experience, over one quarter of all medical students in Taiwan choose to do their emergency clerkship rotations at our ER.  As a result, many of our current interns and resident physicians are familiar faces that have aspired to become emergency physicians since clerkship.

All clerks are assigned a resident physician to shadow and discuss patients and cases.  Under resident physician supervision, clerks are also encouraged to examine patients first hand.  Like interns, clerks are to discuss their thinking process with their supervising physician, and suggest a tentative diagnosis with an appropriate diagnostic and treatment plan.  Attending physicians are also always available for further consultation.

As future doctors, it is important that clerks understand how the hospital and its staff work.  Clerks attend all meetings and seminars as well as observe briefing and debriefing sessions after each shift. In order for clerks to become good clinicians, they must first learn and understand the importance of teamwork.

Clerks may log into our website to access our emergency journals, meeting slides, lecture content, and procedural videos. In addition to courses provided by our hospital education center, our monthly “Intern Day” allows clerks to join interns in practicing invasive procedures on manikins. When available and suitable, clerks may also get the chance to perform simple procedures on real patients.

At the end of the rotation, clerks are graded by written exams and on general clinical performance. Feedback from our clerks are also collected to further improve our clinical teaching experience.