Emergency Ultrasound Course

Emergency Ultrasound Curriculum
Chi-Mei Hospital Emergency Ultrasound Curriculum
● History and evolution of emergency ultrasound
● Basic physics
● Trauma Ultrasonography : eFAS
 - Intern/PGY workshop:Every month
 - Emergency resident course
● Point of care ultrasound for critical patients:RUSH protocol
● Point of care ultrasound for critical patients:BLUE protocol
● Point of care ultrasound:Pelvis
● Point of care ultrasound:Urinary Tract
● Biliary ultrasound
● Point of care ultrasound:liver
● Point of care ultrasound:soft tissue
● Point-of-care ultrasound:vascular emergency
● Procedural guidance with ultrasound
● Ocular ultrasound
● Scrotum ultrasound
Ultrasound Instructors
姓 名科 別職 稱專 長
李維鈞急診醫學部主治醫師● 急診醫學
● 超音波醫學
● 急診超音波臨床評核醫師
● 中華民國醫用超音波學會急診科指導醫師
● ACLS Instructor
● AHA ACLS & BLS Instructor
● 教育部定助理教授
張敬弘急診醫學部主治醫師● 急診醫學
● 急診超音波醫學
● 急診超音波臨床評核醫師
● AHA ACLS & BLS Instructor
毛 臻急診醫學部主治醫師● 急診醫學
● 急診超音波醫學
● 急診超音波臨床評核醫師
譚漢彬急診醫學部主治醫師● 急診醫學
● 急診超音波醫學
許欽銓急診醫學部主治醫師● 急診醫學
● 急診超音波醫學
● AHA BLS Instructor
陳嘉偉急診醫學部主治醫師● 急診醫學
● 急診超音波醫學
● AHA ACLS & BLS Instructor
Ultrasound Machines
GE S7GE S7● Broad-spectrum convex transducer C1-5D (1.8-5 MHz)
● Broad-spectrum linear transducer 11LD (4.2-12 MHz)
● Broad-spectrum sector transduce 3SP-D (1.6-5.5MHz)
GE S8GE S8● Broad-spectrum convex transducer C1-5D (1.8-5 MHz)
● Broad-spectrum linear matrix array transducer ML6-15(4-15MHz)
● Broad-spectrum sector matrix array transduce M5S (1-5MHz)
Sonosite Edge 2Sonosite Edge 2● rC60Xi(5-2 MHz) Abdominal probe
● HFL38i (13-6 MHz) Linear probe
● rP19X (5-1MHz) Cardiac probe
Sonosite MicromaxSonosite Micromax● Broadband curved array transducer(5-2MHz)
● Broadband linear array transducer (5-10MHz)
Arietta70Philips CX50 Ultrasound● PureWave convex C5-1 (1-5MHz)
● PureWave cardiac sector S5-1 (1-5 MHz)
● Linear L12-3 (3-12MHz)
Arietta70Arietta70● L 18-5MHz Linear array transducer
● C 5-1 MHz Broadband convex array transducer
● S1-5 MHZ sector array transducer
Sonosim 超音波模擬組Sonosim 超音波模擬組
Philips LumifyPhilips Lumify● L12-4 Broadband linear array transducer
● C5-2 Broadband curved array transducer
● S4-1 Broadband sector array transducer